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Pars Stress Fractures in Youth Cricketers


Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries sustained by fast bowlers. Causes of this back pain can be varied, however the repetitive nature of bowling which takes the back through extension and rotation puts extra stress on the lower back, which can lead to the development of stress fractures (spondylolysis).

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Midsummer Raffle


There will be a Midsummer Draw on Sunday 26th June at 14:30 to win a superhamper. Raffle tickets are available at the clubhouse.

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Lashings 2016


By Bruce Applin

Whilst we are working through the finances and validating what we raised through the event, I’m sure you’ll appreciate these events just don’t happen and are as a result of number of people’s hard work and contribution, so this is a thank you to the many people that helped in the preparation and running of the day.

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1st XI vs Basingstoke


By Phil Thomas
This weekend saw the first team host locals Basingstoke in search of their sixth straight victory. With the aftermath of Friday's Lashings fixture, bodies were aching and the players were weary.

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