Election of Captains & Players Meeting


ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS ! Election of team captains and players meeting - 18/1/18


On Thursday 18th January, 7.30 pm, at the club , we are holding a meeting to elect the team captains for the 2018 season.  We have some interest already for most of the teams but don’t let that deter you from applying if you are interested. This applies to all 3 Saturday side’s, the women’s team and the Sunday XI.  It’s important that we get captains for all sides so we can start to plan for what hopefully will be another successful season. 

Once the captains elections are complete the meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss other Cricket related matters that the players might want to raise. I’d like to spend some time discussing selection philosophies for the sides, and some broad ideas on what we need to achieve and this year’s cricket tour but if there’s any other topics you’d like to raise then please let me know.

It’s important that as many players come along as possible, from all teams.  It’s key that we have a representative group so please don’t leave it to the usual reliable few ;and ‘yes’, your opinion does matter.

Look forward to see you there on the 18th..


Chair of cricket