U9B v Fleet

23 JUNE 2019
By Rupert
We opened the battling today against Fleet A's - who we're a very different proposition to last week's Fleet team we faced.

Their bowling was straight and pretty pacey.  Openers Dylan and Ben did well, Dylan knocking 2 boundaries and Ben another one, plus some good quick singles.  Alex and Thomas were next, Alex also hitting a 4, Thomas scampered some good quick singles but suffered 2 clean bowls.  Monty and Jamie both retained their wickets (good work!) and our wagging tail of Henry and Nicholas did a good job of keeping their bowlers at bay - though a couple of additional wickets fell.

We finished 230.

In the field we did a good job - bowling was much improved on last week and there were multiple boundaries saved by some quick hands (Dylan, Alex, Ben and Thomas all spring to mind). Dylan's bowling also merits a mention with a wicket maiden finishing 4 runs and 1 wicket off 2 overs. Solid performance. Unfortunately, their battling proved a bit too strong and with extras Fleet came in at 310 - but that could have easily been a much higher number.

So a tough game, but lots of positives.  See you all next week. Onwards!